Jared Stevan


A 3D Generalist with a robust background that encompasses a decade of experience in art direction and design across various industries, I bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of handling the most challenging projects and demanding clients with notable ease and success.

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3D Animation // Art Direction

Elegant Cola Animation

3d Animation // Art Direction

Champagne Bottle Designs

3D Animation // Video

Morphing Typography Threads

3D Modeling // Aniamtion

Luca's Glass Flask

3D Modeling // Animation

Simone's Glass Bottle

3D Modeling // Art Direction

JSK Designed Bottle

3D Animation // Art Direction

LEGO Millennium Falcon Animations

3D Animation

X-Particles Animal Animations

3D Animation // Art Direction

Untitled Abstract

3D Animation // Art Direction

Flying Pig Light Beer Concept

3D Animation // Art Direction

Suspicious Owl Cola Concept

3D Animation // Art Direction

Botanic Waters Concept

Art Direction // Video // Print

Digit Power Product Launch

Art Direction // Branding // Print // Video

rf IDEAS Rebranding

Art Direction // Web Design

The Nature Conservancy / Blue Accounting

3D Animation // Art Direction

Displacement Texture Experiments

3D Animation // Art Direction // Video

Abstract Shader Maps

3D Animation // Video

3D Crystal Texture Exploration

Illustration // Typography

Star Wars Typography Concept

Art Direction // Packaging Design // Print

Callpod Fueltank Product Launch

Branding // Graphic Design

The Root of Happiness Film

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